Braces for Adults

Braces for Adults in Victorville

Although braces are usually utilized in the teen years while the jaw is still growing, there is no magic age for the use of this corrective device. Due to positive rates of compliance with the procedure requirements, adults are actually ideal candidates for braces, even if they did not receive any dental corrections earlier in life. Adults who did have braces as a teenager, but did not wear a protective retainer afterward, also benefit from additional correction in later years. The main difference between braces for adults and kids is treatment time. Since adults have finished growing, braces take a little bit longer to pull everything into alignment.

Reasons for Braces

Development of oral structures varies considerably from person to person due to genetics, jaw shape, tooth size and gum consistency. Early oral habits, such as thumb sucking, pacifier use and object chewing, can also affect the way the teeth sit in relation to each other and impact jaw shape over time.

Severe tooth decay and damage that necessitated removal can also cause adjacent teeth to move out of alignment. Impacts and other injuries in adulthood can disrupt tooth placement and create an under or overbite, which may require correction with braces. Adult patients must go over these factors with their dentist to learn more about the reasons behind their need for braces.

Benefits of Braces

When teeth are properly aligned, plaque deposits are easier to remove with brushing, flossing and bi-yearly dental cleanings. The ability to perform self dental care at home also reduces or reverses the development of gum disease. Furthermore, patients are less likely to injure their teeth due to the reduction of jagged, exposed edges.

The health benefits extend beyond the mouth as well. With proper bite and tooth alignment, patients are better able to chew their food, which reduces the amount of digestive disorders affecting their system. Jaw pain from the joint usually decreases after the braces pull the bite into its proper placement. Straight teeth help improve self-confidence, especially when caring for personal and professional relationships.

Types of Braces

Our Orthodontist in Victorville will help patients choose the best corrective device for their situation. Traditional braces are a versatile option that works best for severe tooth correction. Patients must have metal, ceramic or clear brackets attached to the front of the teeth to hold the tightened wire. Patients who do not want visible brackets can elect to use the lingual braces, which attach to the back of the tooth. Many patients are good candidates for invisible braces that utilize a clear tray system rather than attached brackets.

Acquiring Braces For Adults

Patients interested in speaking to their care provider about obtaining braces can contact Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics today. Adult patients can visit either the Victorville locations to complete the consultation and exam, have braces installed and receive ongoing care. Throughout the process, patients may need images and measurements taken to assess treatment success and make corrections as needed. Call us today at (760) 243-3595 to make an appointment.

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