Sleep Apnea

Managing Sleep Apnea with Our Victorville Orthodontist

When you visit a dentist in Victorville, you do not always expect a professional to have options for medical health concerns. Although dental care does not always offer options for medical health concerns, it does provide tools to help with sleep apnea and specific health concerns associated with your mouth and airways. By understanding your treatment options, you can address the health concerns associated with the condition.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea Treatment | Victorville Dentist Orthodontist

Sleep apnea refers to a problem with breathing while sleeping. It is classified as a sleep disorder and it raises concerns about your overall health and well-being. 

Visiting a dentist or orthodontist allows you to address the situation by understanding how it works and finding realistic solutions and treatments for the immediate concerns. Since the disorder causes a pause or several pauses in breathing while you sleep, it causes poor sleep quality. The shallow breathing also impacts oxygen levels in your blood and may harm your health in unexpected ways over time.

Keeping Airways Open with Oral Appliances

At Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics, we offer sleep apnea treatments in our Victorville locations. At our clinic, we offer oral appliances that help keep your airways open while you sleep. The oral appliances used for sleep apnea are custom made for your specific needs and concerns, so we evaluate each person based on their goals.

The primary reason to consider a custom appliance for the sleep disorder is the impact on your health and the effectiveness of the treatment strategy. Since it is custom made to your needs, it fits comfortably. We also make adjustments when necessary if it does not improve the situation based on your needs and the complications. As a result, you breathe easily at night and improve your quality of sleep. You also reduce the health risks associated with the disorder.

Making Positive Changes for Good Health

Your health starts with your sleep habits and your ability to breathe easily. Sleep apnea causes complications because it reduces the quality of your sleep and reduces the amount of oxygen in your body from the shallow breaths. 

Working with a dentist allows you to adjust the situation and improve your breathing. It gives you immediate relief from the symptoms and allows you to work on any underlying causes associated with the sleep disorder. Since the disorder stems from multiple factors, including weight gain and enlarged tonsils, you want to use oral appliances to remove the obstructions and clear your airways. After improving your ability to sleep, you can work with a doctor to determine any underlying causes associated with the condition and then work on a plan of action to reduce the potential complications of the situation.

Visit Our Victorville Orthodontist

Your health starts with identifying potential problems and taking measures to improve your situation. When you have sleep apnea or related disorders, you want to work with a dentist or orthodontist to clear your airways and improve your ability to breathe comfortably while you sleep. To learn more about our treatment solutions for the sleep disorder or to set up a dental appointment, contact our Victorville office today at (760) 243-3595. 

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