Gum/Periodontal Disease

Treating Periodontal Disease in Victorville, CA

Gum disease, more properly known as periodontal ("around the tooth") disease, is distressingly prevalent among American adults -- in fact, up to half of them suffer from some degree of periodontal disease. But don't assume that it's trivial just because it's so commonplace. Gum disease can rob you of your comfort, your teeth and even your overall health if you let it go untreated. Fortunately, our skilled dentist at Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics in Victorville can help you avoid or manage this condition for optimal oral health.

Periodontal disease is primarily caused by the presence of bacteria. Bacteria are attracted to a sticky substance called plaque, a combination of food leavings and saliva that provides a ready food source for these microorganisms. Plaque eventually hardens into a rough, hard-to-remove material called tartar; the rough surface makes it even easier to bacteria to stick to the tooth and gum surfaces, both above and below the gum line. The body mounts an inflammatory response against the bacteria, creating a state of chronic oral inflammation. In the first stage, gingivitis, the gums become red or swollen. As the gum disease advances and spreads, you can experienced an abscessed jaw, receding gum line and weakening of the connective tissues that hold the teeth in place -- culminating in loose or missing teeth.

But the dangers of gum disease extend beyond the mouth. The bacteria can spread throughout the body via the bloodstream, relocating to the vital organs and causing permanent damage to them. Periodontal disease may also be associated with systemic disorders such as diabetes, heart and lung diseases, atherosclerosis and stroke.

Tooth-Saving Periodontics for Victorville Patients

The good news is that periodontal disease can be prevented through a combination of careful dental hygiene and the state-of-the-art periodontics we provide at Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics. Our dentist urges Victorville patients to schedule twice-yearly preventative examinations and cleanings. This enables us to watch out for any signs of gum disease and remove the plaque and tartar that can lead to its development. Deep cleanings can remove tartar even below the gum line, making them a critical aspect of gum disease prevention.

If you already have gum disease, don't panic -- our dentist can provide you with the treatment necessary to manage your condition successfully. We may recommend more frequent dental checkups and cleanings so we can monitor the state of your teeth and gums more closely. Tissue grafts or a procedure called flap surgery can reduce enlarged gum "pockets" where bacteria thrive and help regrow damaged tissues. We may also recommend antibiotics, dietary changes, adjustments to your current medications (since some may cause dry mouth, reducing the protective layer of saliva) and other bacteria-fighting strategies.

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