Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Victorville

At Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics, we are ready to handle any cosmetic dental needs you may have, including dental crowns. We offer routine and emergency services for dental patients in Victorville, CA and the surrounding areas.

Dental Crowns in Victorville, CA

Understanding Dental Crowns

Whether your tooth has become broken because of an injury, or you have oddly shaped teeth, a crown can help repair the problem. A dental crown is basically a cover for your existing tooth. A crown will be designed to give your tooth a better appearance, changing the shape or size of your tooth subtly. In addition, a dental crown makes your existing tooth stronger. When you have damaged teeth that have cavities or are discolored, a crown can cover up the tooth and make it look great again. Crowns are also used to for bridges so that weak teeth aren't broken because of the bridge.

Advantages of Getting Dental Crowns

Dental crowns come with many benefits for your oral health. Your dentist will use dental crowns to:

  • Strengthen weakened teeth by using the crown as a large filling
  • Save a tooth that can't be filled in with a traditional filling
  • Protect a tooth after a root canal procedure is done
  • Secure a bridge into place
  • Fix a broken tooth, or one that is worn down from years of use
  • Protect a tooth that is weak from a fracture
  • Keep a cracked tooth held together
  • Make a tooth look better

We know how important your oral health is to you, and we understand that you want a healthy, beautiful smile. When you get dental crowns, it improves the look of your smile and gives you the confidence you want to move ahead. If you are wondering if dental crowns are an option, call our office at 760-201-1371 to talk with our staff today.

Your Dental Crown Options

There are a number of dental crown choices for you to choose from at Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics. At the clinic, the most common types of dental crowns used include metal, porcelain, ceramic, resin, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and temporary crowns.

Metal crowns are made out of a combination of metals and may include palladium, chromium, or gold alloy. When a metal crown is used, this doesn't require as much removal of the tooth to be covered. They last long, and don't chip or break often.

Porcelain and ceramic crowns are used for those that want a crown that looks more like a natural tooth and are perfect for people who have trouble with metal allergies. Your teeth opposite of the porcelain or ceramic crown may wear down over time.

Resin crowns are the most affordable type of crown, although this can cause wear and tear on surrounding teeth, including fractures.

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