Cracked/Chipped Tooth Restoration

Cracked or Chipped Tooth Restorations in Victorville

Do you have a crack or chip in one or more teeth? At Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics in Victorville, we know that cracks and chips come in many forms. Our orthodontist works hard to make sure every patient receives the treatment they need. Of course, before we can perform the right restoration procedure, we must know the source, symptoms, and severity of your tooth damage.

Common Types of Cracks and Chips

Superficial Cracks & Chips

Superficial cracks, also known as craze lines, and minor tooth chips may only need cosmetic work.

Cusp Fractures

Your cusps are responsible for chewing, so you may need a crown if you have a fractured cusp.

Deep Tooth Fractures

Serious fractures will expose nerves and may cause significant pain or sensitivity.

Vertical Tooth Fractures

These fractures start at the root and extend toward the cusp, causing inflammation of the surrounding tissue. Your roots may split as a result, requiring extraction.

Whole Tooth Cracks

These cracks extend from the chewing surface to the nerve, but do not cause splitting.

Tips to Prevent Dental Cracks and Chips

Teeth often crack or chip due to preventable problems, such as decay or lack of protection. Dr. Hattar will customize a mouth guard to protect your teeth during extreme athletic activity, teach you how to floss and brush effectively, and recommend a night guard to prevent grinding as you sleep.

Treatment and Restoration for Cracked and Chipped Teeth

Whether you have a crack that appeared gradually or a chip caused by facial trauma, we have a variety of dental and orthodontics solutions that may work for you. Our goal is to restore the appearance and strength of your affected teeth while preventing further damage and reversing the effects of decay.

Your restoration will depend on the nature and severity of your tooth damage. Our treatment options for cracked or chipped teeth include the following restorations:


Light sanding is a simple way to smooth out rough spots and eliminate irregularities caused by superficial cracks and chips.

Filling and Bonding

Was your tooth gradually weakened from within? Is your tooth decalcified, causing indentations or discoloration in the front? Your dentist may perform a filling or bonding procedure to improve your smile. During this common dental procedure, we apply an adhesive before filling your tooth with enamel or resin, which hardens to match the color, texture, and density of your natural teeth.

Caps and Crowns

Crowns help restore strength after cusp fractures and prevent cracks from spreading further. You may need gum surgery beforehand to remove bone and create room for the crown, which will be placed over root of your tooth.

Enamel Shaping and Sculpting

During your dental bonding, your dentist will restore your tooth's smoothness and shape by sculpting the enamel to match your original appearance.


Dental veneers are porcelain "covers" that fit over the surface of each tooth, covering imperfections such as chips and fractures.

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