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Tooth Extractions in Victorville

Tooth Extractions in Victorville, CA

Our primary goal at Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics is to ensure the long-term dental and oral health of Victorville residents -- and it might surprise you to know that retaining teeth at all cost isn't necessarily the way to achieve that goal. From time to time, tooth extraction makes good sense as the most effective route to restoring or preserving dental health. Whether you need your wisdom teeth extracted or another tooth has simply become too decayed to save, you can rest assured that our dentist and orthodontist, Dr. Fahed Hattar, will perform that tooth extraction as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible.

There are many reasons why it might make more sense to extract a tooth than to leave it in the mouth. Sometimes the tooth in question is a baby tooth that refuses to fall out, potentially causing problems for a permanent tooth that needs to erupt on schedule and with the proper alignment. Teeth that are so decayed or damaged that they've lost their structural integrity all the way down to the root cannot be saved. Extremely loose teeth may be sacrificed as casualties of severe periodontal disease. In these cases, tooth extraction can not only help preserve the health of surrounding structures but also pave the way for strong, beautiful dental implants that can be permanently affixed to the jawbone.

Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted because they sometimes grow in at a sharp angle (a situation known as impaction) due to lack of room at the back of the jaw, causing pain, gum infections and tooth alignment problems. Patients preparing to receive braces from our Victorville orthodontist may need one or more teeth extracted to allow plenty of room for the straightening process to achieve best results.

Tooth Extraction for Victorville Residents

Here at Dr. Hattar Dental and Orthodontics, we take every precaution to make sure your tooth extraction goes smoothly. For instance, we may administer antibiotics for you take both before and after the procedure if you're at an elevated risk for infection. Dr. Hattar will give you a numbing anesthetic injection just before the tooth extraction. In a simple extraction, the tooth can be loosened and removed with a tooth known as an elevator. More complex tooth extractions may require us to make an incision in the gum and break up the tooth for easier removal.

Once your tooth is extracted, our dentist will counsel you how to enjoy a swift, uncomplicated recovery. A few days of discomfort is normal; we can prescribe medication or advise you on the safe use of over-the-counter pain relievers. Biting down on gauze immediately after the procedure can help reduce bleeding, while rinsing your mouth with salt water can help keep the area sterile and control swelling. It's important to avoid eating chewy/crunchy foods or sucking on straws while you're recovering, as this could dislodge the protective blood clot in the empty socket.

Call our Victorville office at (760) 243-3595 to schedule an appointment. We take the fear out of tooth extraction!

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